ADHD And Learning Disabilities Tutoring For St. Louis Area Students Who Struggle

ADHD And Learning Disabilities Tutoring For St. Louis Area Students Who Struggle

Approximately two million students across the United States face the challenge of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Of that 2 million, up to 20 to 30 percent are also affected by a specific learning disability. If your student is one of the many who struggle because of ADHD or a learning disability, St. Louis Tutoring has a tutoring program that can help them.

So what can you do to help your struggling ADHD student overcome their individual set of challenges and reach their educational capacity? First, you must realize that academic achievement may still be a very achievable possibility. Second, you must make sure that your child has the personalized help they need.

Specialized Tutoring Can Help

Students with ADHD or other learning disabilities often have exceptional challenges in getting the exclusive education they need in a conventional classroom environment– another reason St. Louis Tutoring’s in-home tutoring methods work exceptionally well for these students.

As many parents of ADHD children know, frustration and attention span can otherwise be tremendous hindrances. By meeting with you and your child at your home and at times of your own choosing, we increase their responsiveness and maximize their capacity to focus and learn. That’s one reason St. Louis Tutoring’s scheduling is so flexible.

How St. Louis Tutoring Can Help Students With ADHD And Learning Disabilities

  • We Teach Them How To Focus – Many children with ADHD need someone they can work with​ one-on-one because they are dealing with an individual focused on them rather than with a teacher who must deal with over a dozen students. Once your child learns to focus, they will be able to be a better participant in the classroom.
  • We Teach Them How To Listen – Since the child’s focus is now concentrated on one person,​ and the tutor’s focus is on the child, the child will slowly learn how to listen and follow instructions. However, this will not happen unless the tutor holds your child accountable. Our ADHD and learning disabilities tutors are specialists with years of this specialized educational training that help students overcome ADHD, learn to be better, more focused students, and improve their grades.
  • We Offer A Personalized Approach – Some children require special attention that classroom​ teachers cannot give because of constraints on their time and limited resources. Our tutors, on the other hand, will develop an individualized learning approach that can help your son or daughter learn whatever subjects he or she is struggling with.

We aim to help ADHD and learning-disabled children in the St. Louis area, and to better serve this goal, St. Louis Tutoring is a member of the nationally-recognized CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) organization.

Find The Right Fit Or It’s FREE

We GUARANTEE that you will find the right tutor, or we will cover the first hour of your lesson.

To learn more about our in-home and online ADHD and learning disabilities tutors and proprietary reading programs, contact us today to get more information about our programs and services.