Why More Students Are Using St. Louis Tutoring To Help Them Get The Grades They Want

Why More Students Are Using St. Louis Tutoring To Help Them Get The Grades They Want

Whether your student is struggling with their grades in a subject, they need help with upcoming tests, or you just want them to get the best education available, St. Louis Tutoring can help.

 One-to-one learning works. We have believed that from day one. But we also knew it would work better if it were accessible, affordable, and more convenient for everyone. So that’s what we have built. An easier way to connect people who need to know with the experts that can teach them. And we have changed the way people think about education in the process.

What Makes Us The Leading Tutoring Company In St. Louis?

The reason why St. Louis Tutoring has so much success with every student that our tutors work with is because of our unique approach to matching our tutors with your student. It ensures that your student is matched with the right tutor every time. We are so confident in our process that we guarantee the match.

We base our matching on the following criteria:

  • Academic Strengths – Our tutors are authorities in their subject area(s) and are matched with​ your student based on his/her academic weaknesses. Several of our tutors are certified educators, and all possess an educational degree and appropriate tutoring experience. In addition, all are completely screened and background checked prior to receiving a student assignment.
  • Availability – Our tutors are paired with your student based on your scheduling needs. Whether it​ is after school, on weekends, in the evenings, or during academic breaks, our tutors can support even the busiest academic or athletic schedules.
  • Personality – We match our tutors with your student based on corresponding personality​ The introduction of a supportive third party with whom your student can relate can often restart a new flow of learning. Plus, the same tutor will guide the student every time so that rapport can develop.
  • Teaching Method -​ Our tutors are paired with your student based on his/her preferred learning method. Our tutors are effective because they recognize the personality, interests, and learning methods of their students. We understand that when a student is seen as a whole, both learning and self-confidence can thrive.

Find The Right Fit Or It’s FREE

We are so confident in our tutor matching process, we GUARANTEE that you will find the right tutor, or we will cover the first hour of your lesson.

Whatever route you take, your involvement in your child’s early education is a vital part of successful cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and language development. Listen to your children. Give them a chance to develop naturally into their own selves. And celebrate them regularly.

Let St. Louis Tutoring Help Guide Your Child To A Brighter Future

Our exceptional tutors can help you students with study skills, pre-K through college subjects, writing, reading, math, science, foreign languages, music lesson, test prep and more. If you are ready to really see your student’s potential, contact us today for more information about our tutoring programs.